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The reality is that there is a wide array of substances that are deemed a drug of abuse. Some of these include alcohol, meth, cocaine, heroin and prescription medications of various types. Even certain types of over-the-counter medications can be deemed to be a drug of abuse. Generally speaking, a drug of abuse is one that has the propensity or potential to cause a person to use it compulsively. In addition, a drug of abuse commonly results in relapse after a person discontinues using for a period of time. Compulsive drug use is not something that should be tackled alone. Call Drug Treatment Centers Springfield today at (217) 801-9201 and let us help you find freedom from abuse.

How does One Drug Lead to Another

According to addiction specialists, some substances are deemed to be gateway drugs. This refers to is that some types of drugs open the doorway for a person to use another drug. Two prime examples of a gateway drug of abuse are alcohol and marijuana. There is a presumption that these two drugs are not as harmful as others, such as heroin or meth. This is dangerous to assume as both can be addictive and health threatening. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are actually some of the most life-threatening when compared to other drugs of abuse.

Most addiction treatment specialists advise their clients that in order to remain in recovery, they can no longer abuse drugs or alcohol. A patient may assume that they can still consume alcohol if they entered rehab specifically for cocaine, but this is not the case. These presumably less dangerous substances open the doors to a wider range of addictions.

Common Signs of Drug Abuse

Experts in the field of addiction treatment and recovery have identified a number of common signs associated with drug abuse and addiction. In most cases, a person actually exhibits more than one sign or symptom when laboring under an addiction. Financial problems represent one of the most frequent of the signs of drug abuse or addiction. A person may lack money to meet basic needs because money is being spent on the purchase of their drug of abuse. Financial problems tend to exist because a person who abuses drugs is often unlikely to be able to maintain employment.

Poor physical and mental health also represents signs of drug abuse and addiction. A person is likely to lose weight, have problems sleeping and experience mood swings. Also it is not uncommon for an individual dealing with a drug issue to suffer from depression and anxiety as well as other types of mental health disorders.

Professional Treatment for Drug Abuse

Addiction treatment is provided on an out-patient and in-patient basis. Many individuals with a drug abuse problem or addiction need to identify a treatment program that includes a medically supervised detox. The withdrawal process is very taxing on a person’s emotional, mental and physical health. In addition to these treatment options, a person with a substance abuse problem can access one-on-one therapeutic counseling. This can be provided by an addiction counselor or a psychotherapist. Moreover, a person with a drug or alcohol addiction should become involved in a 12-step program and seek out a positive support network such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. Here at Drug Treatment Centers Springfield, we can provide all of these recovery tools and then some. Call (217) 801-9201 today and let our experienced staff not only help you or a loved one find sobriety, but maintain it life-long.


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