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Alcohol Addiction Springfield

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Around 17 million adults have an alcohol related disorder, whether that is alcohol addiction or abuse. Of that large number, only about 1.4 million adults received substance abuse treatment at a specialized facility. These statistics, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, show that alcohol addiction is an epidemic; an epidemic partly due to the fact that many addicts are in denial. From this information, we can see that the vast majority of people with an alcohol addiction either try to solve the problem on their own or do not seek help at all. This disease is incredibly difficult to overcome without the proper care and professional assistance. If you believe that someone you love has a drinking problem, do not hesitate to call us today at (217) 801-9201. Drug Treatment Centers Springfield has addiction specialists standing by, ready to guide you in the right direction.

Understanding Alcohol Addiction

The longer or more often a person drinks, the more serious the results.

Alcohol addiction is a disease with serious consequences. It causes issues in many areas of a person’s life, including:

  • Relationships
  • Job/School
  • Finances
  • Physical and mental health

The first step in treating alcoholism is identifying that a person has a problem. Because drinking alcohol is an accepted part of society, it is often difficult to tell when someone has gone beyond having fun to the point of abuse and addiction. Alcohol abuse is often the first step towards addiction. The person drinks when he or she shouldn’t, to the point of neglecting responsibilities they once found important. It begins to affect relationships and cause problems in many aspects of their lives.

Abuse turns into addiction when the person is no longer able to stop drinking. The body has adjusted to the large consumption of alcohol and often requires more to get the “buzz” that the person is looking for. Many times, the addict is looking to mask negative feelings or insecurities with alcohol. Therefore, he or she continues to increase the amount they drink in order to reach this level.

A person who has a problem with alcohol and addiction cannot stay away from it. When he or she has gone a few hours without drinking, you can see the impact. The person may be sweating or acting jittery and shaking. He or she may become irritable or anxious until alcohol is available again.

Dealing with Alcoholism

The key to dealing with this addiction to alcohol is to recognize that it is a problem. The person may not be able to reach that point on his or her own. Family and friends may have to plan an intervention, which is a meeting where everyone gets together and talks to the person. Once the problem is recognized, the next step is treating it. For many alcoholics, they will experience withdrawal until their bodies adjust to the chemical imbalance. This process is often painful and can be life threatening. Detoxing in a treatment center with medical assistance is the safest way to go about this stage of recovery.

Once the initial withdrawal stage is complete, counseling or therapy is highly recommended. During these sessions, the underlying causes of the alcoholism are examined and alternative behaviors are chosen to handle these triggers. In many situations, the addict began abusing the substance as a way to escape from unwanted emotions. It is through therapy that these issues are dealt with, in order to prevent the alcoholism from recurring. At Drug Treatment Centers Springfield, patients will learn new ways of coping with their problems.

Ongoing treatment may come in the form of attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and finding a sponsor for support. Because an alcoholic will continue to deal with stresses and cravings for alcohol, continued support is essential to success. The person is also taught to recognize the warning signs (aka relapse triggers) and get help before alcohol becomes a problem again. Getting help from an alcohol addiction treatment center ensures and addicts best chance of a long-term, successful recovery. Call Drug Treatment Centers Springfield today at (217) 801-9201. This is the advantage you’ve been looking for.


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