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Addiction Rehab Springfield

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Drug treatment centers are not just the last resort of people who can’t control their addictions. When moral reasoning and willpower is not enough, addiction rehab is the answer. The idea that admittance to drug treatment centers is only for the weak is a misconception that often stigmatizes a physical and mental disease. Addiction rehab offers physical support for people who have complex situations in their lives. The mental and physical support provided by addiction rehab helps addicts get to the root of their alcohol or drug dependency so as to avoid a relapse. The therapies that are offered at drug treatment centers go far beyond the individual. They help improve family dynamics and social interactions within a community. If you or a loved one needs to make a major lifestyle change call Drug Treatment Centers Springfield today at (217) 801-9201 before it is too late. Addiction rehab provides the tools necessary to achieve sobriety.

How an Addiction Gains a Physical Hold

The brain has a natural reward system. When a person feels pleasure, it is the brains natural response to repeat the same behavior that elicited such feelings. However, drugs are chemicals that when imbibed, activate the same neurotransmitters in the reward response. They send the message to flood the body with dopamine. This triggers the same pleasure response that is experienced naturally, except at a rate that can be 2 to 8 times more than normal. In a way, the drugs hijack a natural system that then creates an association between the drug and the pleasurable response. This changes the brain’s chemistry over time, making it quite difficult to end an addiction with simply strong will power or a higher moral code. Some drugs impact the brain’s chemistry so quickly and forcefully, that people can become addicted by just a couple uses.

Why Addiction Is Also a Mental Disease

However, addiction is not just a physical struggle. Addiction rehab centers must also treat the behavioral and social issues that might have impacted the decision to start using drugs. What stresses in a person’s life caused them to seek out drugs? Dysfunctional family issues or an inability to cope with life’s stresses are commonly the root of the problem. Some individuals are not familiar with healthy alternatives to cope with stress. Also a person can have a genetic disposition towards alcohol dependency, often environment plays a key role in whether they go that route or not. If drug addiction centers were only to treat the physical symptoms and not address the mental ones, then most addicts would relapse very quickly.

Types of Treatments That Help Both Physical and Mental Issues

Physical treatments at addiction rehab centers can include the use of medical intervention to make sure that an addicts body can sustain a detox program. This might include nutritional supplementation or even the use of medications, like methadone, to help remove dependency or ease unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

In-patient programs can be very beneficial for the health of someone with a severe addiction because they will be monitored around the clock. Mental treatments include behavior modification therapies and group sessions, which might even include family members. Other innovative approaches use holistic treatments such as yoga, meditation, and educational classes on health and wellness. Drug Treatment Centers Springfield has a variety of treatment programs offered. Let us customize your plan today. Call us at (217) 801-9201 and begin your road to recovery today.


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